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Being a Professional Dominatrix comes naturally to me, for the majority of my life I have been in a Dominant position. With my Spanish heritage, it brings an element of exotic element to my character.


Fascination by the phycology of the lifestyle, ,that is the Heart of BDSM has brought me to this evolution in my life. Similar to every person, my interests and passions within BDSM are diverse.


Domme’s play off of the submissive(s)/slave(s) energy,  and with this in mind I have designed my style of play according to the individual that I am interacting with.


My mind is powerful and has a wild imagination of wickedness and erotic torment, making fantasy a reality. 


As every person is unique I evolve, customize and fuel my creativity based on how my subject connects and inspires me. I delight in the challenge of the unknown, in addition to corrupting open minds with fetishes unbeknownst to themselves.

With inspiration from other Dominant’s in the lifestyle, my style is diverse in nature and follows 4 archetypes;


  1. Authoritarian 

  2. Seduction

  3. Nurturing Mother

  4. The Goddess  


You will experience the kind of Dominant Female that you believed only ever existed in your dreams. 


Elegant, intellectual, imaginative, powerful and creative and constantly in control, my Dominating demeanour is artistic and my  charm is mesmerizing. My skillset and my ability will certainly delight you as well as intimidate you. 


My intuitive nature will recognize and understand your deepest dark secrets and forbidden fantasies. I take in consideration an architect of perversion, pushing your limitations as an expression of your submission to me.


As your devious tormentor, I will pry open and explore those deep, hidden, perverted parts of your psyche, at the same time being a trusted guide that you can feel safe in your submission.

I will utilize my Feminine powers against you, indulge in absolute delight. Forcing you to be my slave, my play toy.


Mistress Ruby

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